You’ve been thrown to the wolves.

…or at least, that’s what it feels like.

Being a young leader is no walk in the park. It seems glamorous , but once you’re actually in the driver’s seat you quickly find it’s often overwhelming.

You’ve got a million questions, but no one you can turn to for answers. You can’t go to your boss about every little thing – what if she thinks you’re incompetent?

You dominated your previous role, but you’re starting to question whether leadership is right for you. It’s confusing. How do you make sense of all the competing priorities? How can you make sure stuff gets done on time without micromanaging? Is it important that your team likes you?

The transition to being a leader – particularly when you’re young – is a difficult path to navigate. Leadership is a privilege and a challenge…and it’s not a road you want to walk alone.

I know, because i’ve been there too.

I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed and uncertain on how to proceed. For years, I struggled to figure out how to try and get everything done without letting anything important slip through the cracks.

The big change came when I realized that being a strong leader didn’t mean I had to carry the entire load on my own. To be successful, I had to learn how to develop a strong team that could get the work done.

That required a completely different skill set than I expected. 

I’ve led and managed in both the non-profit and corporate worlds. My first management position came when I was 22. Since then, I’ve led teams varying from four to fourteen people. I’ve learned how to lead without feeling overwhelmed by stress. I’ve figured out how to fight the temptation to maintain a tight grip on the reins – how to empower my teams to accomplish our goals.

I’ve learned how to be successful in my professional life as a leader, without sacrificing my personal life and priorities.

About - Leader

Can I help you do the same?

It hasn’t always been a smooth road, but I’ve come a long way and enjoyed the journey. I’m here to help you avoid the potholes and pitfalls that I blundered into.

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